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  1. que onda buey,wey,yonke, junk, mexicanos, español, auto parts ...
    9 Apr 2010 ... imperio auto wrecking and used parts, these guys
    talk the talk, and thought i was bruce willis.otay mesa, tijuana,l ...
  2. Urban Dictionary: guey
    Dude in Spanish. Correct spelling is actually "buey" but sounds like "guey" or "
    way" so it's just changed a bit. Literally means "ox", and is a negative term like ...
  3. Burritos
    ... swiss cheese | chilli chipotle; €8.50mixiote burrito: traditional spiced lamb; €
    8.50que onda buey burrito: beef strips sit fried in a blend of freshly made salsa ...
  4. Qué onda güey : My Spanish Notes
    20 Feb 2010 ... To be honest, I can't believe I haven't posted about this a long time ago. If you
    spend any significant amount of time in México socializing with ...
  5. at Website Informer. Visit Quetantoeres.
    12 Nov 2015 ... · · index. Recently
    updated sites: · ...
  6. Intersections: Meet Diego, 20, a Mexico City psychobilly
    6 Dec 2007 ... Comments. denise said... que onda buey, i want to see a picture of YOU with a
    mohawk! Reply 07 December 2007 at 09:12 AM · Diego said.
  7. Buey/Güey | WordReference Forums
    27 Nov 2006 ... What does buey mean? My friends say it after EVERYTHING!! Hola buey, que
    pasa buey, adios buey! :-)üey.309010/
  8. Самые дорогие блюда на свете - Познавательное - Каталог ...
    ... - [color=black - fish http:// - [color=black - habitus
  9. at WI. Software de facturacion electronica ilimitada ...
    30 آگوست 2015 ... Stats & Details. Whois. IP Whois. Similar sites. Palabras que,
    el laboratorio de palabras. · ...
  10. Native Spanish Speakers of Mexico!
    Context: Utilized when speaking to another affiliate of the group. For example,
    Que onda wey? Que onda buey? That is to say, what is up dude? Whats up man



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