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  1. que onda buey,wey,yonke, junk, mexicanos, español, auto parts ...
    9 Apr 2010 ... imperio auto wrecking and used parts, these guys
    talk the talk, and thought i was bruce willis.otay mesa, tijuana,l ...
  2. Urban Dictionary: guey
    Dude in Spanish. Correct spelling is actually "buey" but sounds like "guey" or "
    way" so it's just changed a bit. Literally means "ox", and is a negative term like ...
  3. AZTECA | Menus
    ... swiss cheese | chilli chipotle; €8.50mixiote burrito: traditional spiced lamb; €
    8.50que onda buey burrito: beef strips sit fried in a blend of freshly made salsa ...
  4. Qué onda güey : My Spanish Notes
    20 Feb 2010 ... To be honest, I can't believe I haven't posted about this a long time ago. If you
    spend any significant amount of time in México socializing with ...
  5. Intersections: Meet Diego, 20, a Mexico City psychobilly
    6 Dec 2007 ... Comments. denise said... que onda buey, i want to see a picture of YOU with a
    mohawk! Reply 07 December 2007 at 09:12 AM · Diego said.
  6. Самые дорогие блюда на свете - Познавательное - Каталог ...
    ... - [color=black - fish http:// - [color=black - habitus
  7. Que onda in English | Spanish to English Translator
    Qué onda, Melquiades? What 's up, Melquiades? Open Subtitles. ¿Qué onda
    mano? How are you, baby? Open Subtitles. Qué onda, buey? What 's on, ox?
  8. メキシコ人の使うスペイン語で語尾に「ウェイ!... - スペイン語 | Yahoo ...
    2011年12月6日 ... メキシコ人の使うスペイン語で語尾に「ウェイ!」とよくつけますが、それ自体はどういう
    意味なんでしょうか? まぁ、若者はよくQue onda buey?とかって ...
  9. Güey - Buey -Wey (México) | WordReference Forums
    22 Dic 2005 ... Estamos hablando de algo que se utiliza solamente en México (de lo que sepa
    yo), y solamente entre "cuates" (o sea.. amigos!). Mi teoria es ...üey-buey-wey-méxico.80317/
  10. 10 typical Mexican phrases explained - That Wanderlust
    21 Jun 2014 ... The different Spanish you need to read before arriving in Mexico with Spanish
    from Spain.



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